About Constellium
About Constellium

About Constellium

At Constellium, aluminium is more than a metal. It is the material that takes the shape of our ideas - so that our ideas may shape the world.

At the forefront of industry

A global leader in aluminium transformation, Constellium designs and manufactures innovative and high value-added aluminium products and components.

Our technologically advanced solutions serve a broad range of applications around the world.

Ideas, materialized

Aluminium manufacturing process

From window frames to railcars, auto bodies and aircrafts, and from solar reflectors to perfume containers and beverage cans, aluminium products are used throughout daily life.

We draw on a full complement of aluminium processing techniques, including casting, rolling and extrusions. Our precise combinations of alloys and finishings result in high-tech products that match customer specifications and exceed expectations.

From raw material, unlimited innovation

Constellium - from its 24 production facilities, 11 administrative and commercial sites, and its Technology Center - serves a global customer base operating in markets as diverse as aerospace, automotive, construction, packaging, renewable energy and transportation.
Our workforce counts approximately 11,000 employees working mainly in Europe, China and North and Central America. Creative, passionate and determined, our expert professionals foster lasting partnerships with customers and researchers. They bring together talent and experience to create superior products and solutions.
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Research & Development for aluminium sustainability

Innovation is the cornerstone of our activities. We constantly seek to improve the efficiency of our solutions while reducing their environmental impact. Our research and development initiatives are supported by our world-class Technology Center based in Voreppe (France).
As governments, businesses and communities have embraced sustainability over the last years, Constellium’s operations have taken on a new importance. The intrinsic qualities of aluminium make it the material of choice for recycling solutions.


Constellium has approximately 11,000 employees working mainly in Europe, China and the United States.

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