Industrial platform

Industrial platform

Constellium’s production sites form a high-quality industrial platform with unique capabilities.

A global presence

Constellium operates 24 production facilities throughout Europe, North & Central America and China serving both global and local customers. These include high-quality manufacturing plants and state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

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Our main aluminium manufacturing plants

Among our 24 production sites, we have seven main manufacturing sites catering to the needs of our Aerospace & Transportation, Packaging & Automotive Rolled Products and Automotive Structures & Industry business units.


    Constellium industrial assets

    Singen (Germany): one of the largest extrusion presses in the world as well as advanced and highly productive integrated bumper manufacturing lines. The rolling part has industry leading cycle times and high-grade cold mills with special surfaces capabilities.
    Neuf-Brisach (France): an integrated aluminum rolling, finishing and recycling facility in Europe. Our recent investments in a can body stock slitter and recycling furnace has strengthened on the can stock market. Additionally, the facility’s automotive furnace has allowed it to become a significant supplier of aluminum Body-in-White in the automotive market.
    Issoire (France): one of the world’s two leading aerospace plate mills based on volumes. It contains our AIRWARE® industrial casthouse and currently uses recycling capabilities to take back scrap along the entire fabrication chain. Issoire works as an integrated platform with Ravenswood, providing a significant competitive advantage for us as a global supplier to the aerospace industry.
    Ravenswood (US): a West Virginia facility that has significant assets for producing aerospace plates and is a recognized supplier to the defense industry. The facility has wide-coil capabilities and stretchers that make it the only facility in the world capable of producing plates of a size needed for the largest commercial aircraft.
    Sierre (Switzerland): a facility dedicated to precision plates for general engineering and is a leading supplier for high-speed train railway manufacturers. Sierre has the capacity to produce non-standard billets and a wide range of extrusions.
    Děčín (Czech Republic): a large extrusion facility, mainly focusing on hard alloy extrusions for industrial applications, with significant recycling capabilities. It is located near the German border, strategically positioning it to supply the German OEMs. Its integrated casthouse allows it to offer high value-add customized hard alloys to our customers.
    Muscle Shoals (US): an aluminium manufacturing plant based in Alabama with over 1,200 employees. With its widest strip mill in the USA and a world-class recycling center, the site represents one of the largest sites within Constellium.

Constellium production facilities by countries

5 production facilities in France:

6 production facilities in Germany:

5 production facilities in the US:

3 production facility in Switzerland:

    Automotive Structures and Industry, Aerospace and Transportation divisions: Sierre, Chippis and Steg

1 production facility in Czech Republic:

    Automotive Structures and Industry division: Decin

1 production facility in Slovakia:

    Automotive Structures and Industry division: Levice

1 production facility in Mexico:

1 production facility in China:

    Constellium Engley joint-venture in Changchun

1 production facility in Canada:

    Constellium joint-venture with Can Art: Astrex

A cross-pollination strategy

Processes and technologies developed by each of our business units are shared across all units, enabling best practices and innovation to feed development throughout the company’s activities. Synergies created benefits for our customers in all our target markets, and our Voreppe (France) technical center serves all areas of business.  

Last update 17 June 2017