Děčín, Czech Republic

Děčín aluminium plant, Czech Republic

The Constellium aluminium manufacturing plant in Děčín, Czech Republic, has around 700 employees. Dedicated to extrusions, the plant manufactures customized aluminium extrusions in hard and soft alloys with a variety of finishes for European and global markets. The plant is the largest integrated hard alloy facility in Europe, and the fourth-largest supplier of tubes, bars and profiles from aluminium and its alloys.

About Constellium’s plant at Děčín

The Constellium’s plant at Děčín was founded in 1909. Today the plant is a leading aluminium extrusions facility, primarily focused on hard alloy extrusions for automotive and industrial applications, and has significant recycling capabilities. Located near the German border, it is ideally positioned to supply German and French OEMs and specialty dealers. Thanks to its integrated casthouse, the plant offers high value-added customized hard alloys to our customers. The site also benefits from an internal die shop specially equipped for extrusion and drawing dies and tools. Děčín is now expanding its downstream operations in order to even better service customer demands and respond to market trends with customized solutions.

Constellium’s Děčín plant at a glance

Constellium's plant at Decin

Constellium Extrusions Děčín s.r.o.
Ustecka 751/37
Děčín V-Rozbelesy
405 02 Děčín
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 412 508 201
Website: http://www.constellium.com/hard-softalloys-czechrepublic

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    Employees: 700
    Surface: 113,000 m² (27 acres); 73,500 m² (18 acres) covered surface
    Certifications:  ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001
    Products: bars, tubes and profiles from aluminium and its alloys, 70 different hard and soft alloys covering 1xxx to 7xxx series
    Markets: automotive (parts for forging & chip machining), specialty distribution, industry, mass transportation (road, rail & bus), building & architecture

Constellium’s Děčín plant certifications

Děčín plant’s manufacturing capabilities

„Casthouse unit

The cast-house operates 4 melting and casting lines with batch capacity 5 to 40 tons using both gas fired and also induction technology. Thanks to more than 70 alloys and modifications, a variety of heat treatments can be applied to achieve specific properties. Cast billets from major alloys are further treated in the billet finishing center. Billet finishing is made by ultrasonic testing, cutting to lengths optimized for the extrusion process and followed by surface scalping. 

Extrusion units

The plant consists of 3 extrusion shops with a dedicated production portfolio and capabilities. In total, 11 extrusion lines are in operation, with another coming online in 2016. Extrusion fleet ranges 6 to 35 MN with both direct and indirect technology. Extruded bars and tubes can be further treated by cold drawing based on product dimension and surface requirements. Finally, products are heat treated to achieve the required properties.

Recycling unit

The casthouse has been extended by a dedicated re-melt furnace than enables the recycling not only of internal scrap but also the processing of customer scrap and even scrap with organics. State-of-the art technology is used to optimize the material recovery and minimize the environmental footprint.

Constellium's hard alloys


Constellium's aluminium extrusions

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