Neuf-Brisach, France

Neuf-Brisach aluminium plant, France

The Neuf-Brisach plant is one of Constellium’s largest sites. Constellium today is investing massively in the plant in order to significantly boost its automotive body sheet production capacity in Europe and meet anticipated automotive market growth.

About Constellium’s plant at Neuf-Brisach

Founded in 1967, the Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products (Europe) facility in Neuf-Brisach is perfectly situated in Europe’s industrial heartland. Its unique integrated aluminium rolling, finishing and recycling facility designs and produces a wide portfolio of coil and sheet products, servicing customers in canstock and foodstock, automotive (body sheets, heat exchangers and equipment parts), as well as building/architecture and industry application sectors.

Constellium’s Neuf-Brisach plant at a glance

Constellium Neuf-Brisach

Constellium Neuf-Brisach
Z.I.P. Rhénane Nord
R.D. 52
Tel: +33 (3) 89 72 41 00

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    Employees: 1,400 employees
    Surface: 780,000 m² (192 acres); 200,000 m² (49 acres) covered surfaces
    Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and 14001 + EN 15088, OHSAS 18001
    Equipment: the most integrated rolling mill in Europe, with equipment including a world-class recycling center, casthouse, hot rolling mill, cold rolling mills, continuous annealing and conversion line, degreasing and lacquering lines as well as slitters
    Products: aluminium coils and sheets
    Markets: automotive (body sheets, heat exchangers, etc.), packaging (beverage canstock, endstock, tabstock, foodstock, etc.), building & architecture, industry

Constellium’s Neuf-Brisach plant certifications

Neuf-Brisach plant’s manufacturing capabilities


Recycling is a major activity at the Neuf-Brisach plant and covers all types of scrap, from internal sites and customers, to end-of-use products and more. The site recycles 3 billion cans a year, making it an important actor in the can production value chain.


Neuf-Brisach’s casthouse has a slab production capacity exceeding 400,000 tons, thanks to 5 state-of-the-art casting pits.

The casthouse, which is a competence center within Constellium, supports the development of new casting technology.

„Hot and cold rolling mills

With its hot rolling line and 3 cold rolling mills, the Neuf-Brisach site produces a large range of thicknesses from 0.15 mm to 3 mm.

Thanks to its high skill set and resources, it is capable of ensuring quality and service to satisfy the demanding requirements and standards expected by our customers, in terms of metallurgy, thickness, flatness and surface quality.

„Packaging finishing

Neuf-Brisach holds key positions in bodystock, endstock, tabstock and foodstock in Europe.

Its production finishing capabilities include slitting lines for bodystock and a dedicated production unit for degreased and coated beverage and food products.

„Automotive finishing

Neuf-Brisach’s automotive sheet finishing production unit is increasing its capacity to anticipate the fast-evolving automotive market.

It is also continuously improving its existing assets such as the continuous annealing and conversion line, slitting lines, and cut-to-length equipment, and investing in a new continuous annealing and conversion line.

For the automotive industry, Constellium offers a portfolio of aluminium flat rolled products targeted to meet our customers’ stringent requirements for surface quality, strength, crash and formability on Body-in-White applications such as car hoods, doors, roofs and structural parts.

„Engineering & product development

The site works in partnership with C-TEC – Constellium’s technology center - to develop new products and technologies. These include lacquer improvement for the beverage market and high formability alloys for automotive body sheets, in close collaboration with our customers.

Neuf-Brisach has developed unique engineering and process skills that are central to its industrial expertise in international automotive body sheets, and which support Constellium’s development and growth.

Aluminium cans recycling


Constellium Body-in-White sheets

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