Ravenswood, USA

Ravenswood aluminium plant, USA

With over 1,000 employees, Constellium’s plant in Ravenswood, West Virginia, is one of the world’s largest rolled products facilities, offering customers the most powerful plate stretchers in the world, as well as one of the largest cold rolling mills.

About Constellium’s plant at Ravenswood

Built in 1957, the plant houses 62 acres (about 250,900 m²) of production facilities on a 514-acre (about 2,080,000 m²) site. It is the largest employer in Jackson County, West Virginia (United States) and one of the top 50 businesses in West Virginia.

Today, the Ravenswood plant produces plate, sheet and coil products for aerospace, defense, transportation, marine, and other industrial uses.

Constellium’s plant at Ravenswood at a glance


Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC
859 Century Road
PO Box 68
Ravenswood, WV 26164-0068
Tél: +1 (304) 273-7000
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Ravenswood plant’s manufacturing capabilities


The Ravenswood casthouse specializes in high-purity casting for the aerospace plate market as well as casting for our transportation, industry and defense products.

The Casting Department consists of 5 DC furnace complexes with capacities ranging from 40 to 100 tons, capable of producing both coil and plate products. The casthouse is qualified to produce large aerospace ingots, which are 24” x 80” cross-sections, 300 inches (762 cm) in length.

Hot mill

One of the most powerful and versatile in the industry, the Ravenswood hot mill produces a wide variety of specifications for aerospace and general engineering plate along with wide coil for transportation markets. The hot rolling operations consist of 28 furnaces, 1 scalper, 1 saw, 2 reversing mills, 3 shears and one 5-stand finishing mill.

Plate shop

The Ravenswood plate shop is known as a leading center in the industry. With the world’s largest stretcher, closely coupled to the heat treatment furnaces, Ravenswood provides unique production capabilities not found anywhere else in the industry and delivers unique products to our customers. The plate shop consists of 19 production centers supported by 23 cranes.

Cold mill

The Ravenswood cold mill is one of the industry’s widest mills with a unique feature of backup roll bending. This mill produces an array of thicknesses and widths for our transportation and marine markets. The cold rolling shop consists of 4-stand and 5-stand mills, a heavy gauge slitter, wide tension leveling line, 14 coil annealing furnaces, 6 finishing annealing furnaces, and external convertors for additional finishing operations.

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