Innovation at Constellium

Innovation at Constellium

Constellium has strong innovation capabilities and resources to satisfy the increasing demand for lightweight, energy-efficient products with reduced environmental impact.

Dedicated to innovation

Constellium’s approach to research and development resembles a multifaceted knowledge hub. We combine our own expertise and resources within leading research facilities with those of customers, universities, labs and other stakeholders.

    Technology Center: At our state-of-the-art Technology Center in Voreppe (France), our team of more than 170 specialists develops lightweight aluminium products, co-creates solutions with customers, and provides technological and analytical services. We also have an R&D team in Neuhausen (Switzerland).
    Technology networks: Our 11 technology networks bring together R&D experts and plant engineers to share best practices and knowledge that drives operational excellence in aluminium processing.
    Partnerships: We draw on our significant R&D resources and cross-pollination strategy with universities and research laboratories to provide customers with tailor-made solutions.

Results in the field

With 170 active patent families, Constellium has a proven track record in creating new products and processes to satisfy market needs. Our knowledge hub boasts significant results. Scores of new aluminium products and designs are now making a difference across diverse industries.

Aerospace, where innovation takes flight

Innovation at Constellium

The introduction of C-TEC’s AIRWARE® family, in 20xx alloys, has been a game-changer in the aerospace sector. Having mastered the optimal balance of properties, significant gains can be achieved, be it on weight, build rate and in-service maintenance. Aerospace manufacturers, like Airbus, Bombardier and SpaceX, have quickly seized the potential of AIRWARE®.

C-TEC is now focused on taking AIRWARE® to the next level, with gradual improvements for derivative programs and radical innovations for next-generation aircraft.
We are also heavily investigating in new manufacturing techniques. Our ultimate goal is to provide a complete solution that can be efficient in-flight and efficiently industrialized.

Automotive, helping drive the future

Innovation at Constellium

C-TEC has developed world-class sheet alloys and process routes for outer skin, forming optimized closure inners and high strength structural and crash alloys. In addition to alloys, we provide complete solutions for the conversion from steel to aluminium. These include advanced enabling technologies for forming or joining.

Future developments include closed-loop recycling in manufacturing and efficient recovery from end-of-life vehicles. Naturally high-end car manufacturers will not compromise on design freedom, safety or aesthetics. This means continued pressure to develop alloys with ever-better formability, higher strength and which absorb more energy.

Packaging, creating out-of-the box solutions

Innovation at Constellium

For packaging, C-TEC has a particular focus on process improvements to optimize cans and closures that offer differentiation to both customer and consumer. For beverages, we adapted the traditional can stock alloy to the specific needs of the new aluminium bottle.

In partnerships with manufacturers, we bring innovative aesthetic and functional attributes to aluminium closures. Recycling remains a strong trend. This is why we develop new sorting and recycling technologies to expand our end-of-life scrap sourcing.

Constellium and standardization

Constellium is at the origin of many standards in the aluminium industry and has therefore been involved in a joint project with AFNOR (French standardization body) to develop the AluTool.

The tool compiles European general and applications standards for the aluminium industry. The manual features basic information on aluminium standards, while the software provides access to a fuller range of information on the various alloy families and their applications, chemical composition and mechanical characteristics.


Innovation at Constellium is bolstered by more than 170 R&D specialists and 11 technology networks, as well as longstanding cooperation with external scientific networks and other stakeholders.

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