Aluminium innovation success stories

Aluminium innovation success stories

At Constellium, our combination of R&D excellence and practical expertise creates real solutions to overcome real challenges. A number of Constellium’s innovations have become standards for the entire aluminium industry.

Our Technology Center has been the birthplace of some of the most advanced aluminium technology in the world. In-house R&D along with collaboration with customers, universities and research centers has produced world benchmark solutions for a variety of sectors.


In the aerospace industry, our unique AIRWARE® technology enables aircraft designers and manufacturers to create lighter, more efficient and greener aircraft.

Auto product portfolio for sheet
Automotive body sheet specifications product portfolio

Thanks to unique R&D capabilities and extensive experience with aluminium, Constellium has developed a full portfolio of automotive body sheet products. Our solutions are sought after by renowned brand names in auto production.

Inserted towing
Innovations for crash management systems

Minimizing driver and passenger injuries in vehicle collisions remains a constant challenge for automotive manufacturers. Through material lightweighting and simplified design, we have been able to rethink the way key components of the vehicle’s front area are made, resulting in safer, stronger vehicles.

Last update 01 June 2017