In the aerospace industry, our unique AIRWARE® technology enables aircraft designers and manufacturers to create lighter, more efficient and greener aircraft.

Lighter, Easier, Greener

Three dimensional AIRWARE plate for wing structure

AIRWARE® features a much lower density, a higher stiffness and a better damage tolerance that, combined to advanced welding and redesign of aircraft aerostucture, can deliver up to 25% weight reduction.

AIRWARE’s higher corrosion and fatigue resistance increases durability of aerostructures and guarantees longer heavy maintenance intervals.

AIRWARE® is 100% recyclable. AIRWARE’s recycling process, which stems from Constellium’s know-how and industrial capabilities, is patented.

Its qualities - lightness and recyclability - help airframers and airline companies in their effort to reduce their overall environmental impact.

AIRWARE® takes off

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AIRWARE® technology is inspiring heightened interest among aerospace companies in using new aluminium solutions rather than composites for high-tech structures in the next generation of aircraft.

AIRWARE® products have already been selected by Airbus for its next-generation wide-body twinjet, the A350-XWB, and by Bombardier for its single-aisle twinjet CSeries short-haul planes.

AIRWARE® capabilities

In response to market interest and demand, €52Mn is being invested at Constellium’s production site at Issoire (France) and the Voreppe (France) research and development center. The Issoire site is equipped with the world’s first industrial-scale casting unit to produce the advanced AIRWARE® technology, while a second foundry at Voreppe concentrates on developing new applications.

Last update 22 April 2013