Automotive body sheet specifications product portfolio

Automotive body sheet specifications product portfolio

Auto product portfolio for sheet
Thanks to unique R&D capabilities and extensive experience with aluminium, Constellium has developed a full portfolio of automotive body sheet products. Our solutions are sought after by renowned brand names in auto production.

Customized solutions

Body-in-white sheet application

With the successful addition of a conversion line at our manufacturing facility in Neuf-Brisach (France) in 2009, we have strengthened our position as a major player in Europe’s automotive aluminium market.

Working closely with several original equipment manufacturers, we developed a range of new products to both satisfy existing customer specifications and meet new requirements for future generations of vehicles.

Co-development programs with customers have enabled innovative solutions tailored to specific needs for characteristics such as formability, strength and surface quality.

The Constellium trademark portfolio includes: Surfalex™6s (for demanding skin quality) and Formalex™5x (a high formability 5xxx mono-alloy) as well as Strongalex™, Ultralex™, Securalex™ and Coralex™.

A word from our teams

“Our Technology Center in Voreppe (France) enabled the development of a full product range within less than two years. The center provides us with a deep knowledge of aluminium applications through collaborative projects and close work with highly innovative sectors, such as aerospace. It also helps us develop environmentally friendly solutions for recycling and surface treatments”, Dr. Hervé Ribes, Development Manager, Automotive, Constellium’s Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products business unit.

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Last update 22 April 2015