Our technology networks and best practice councils

Our technology networks and best practice councils

Constellium’s specialized networks of R&D and plant engineers achieve excellence in operations and technological performance by sharing and implementing best practices and expertise in aluminium processing.

Knowledge networking

Constellium aims to help customers achieve their business objectives by delivering sustainable, innovative and value-added solutions. Constellium process and technology innovation is driven by a dedicated technology organization operating a series of technology networks that bring together R&D experts and plant engineers to industrialize new products and promote best practices at plant level.

These Technology Networks and best practice councils cover areas including industrialization, casting, molten metal, recycling hot and cold rolling, finishing, extrusion and maintenance.

These networks and best practice councils also form the basis for knowledge management in these technologies. Inside learning is supported by the "Technet forum" enabling rapid and sustainable information exchanges within the entire Constellium technical community. Outside learning can be rapidly assimilated into the knowledge management processes through a technology watch.


Cross-company teams with effective interaction provide outstanding support to business units and to sites, to enhance Constellium’s performance.

Last update 01 June 2017