Our vision

Our vision

Through innovation, Constellium achieves the two-fold ambition of contributing to the creation of environmentally friendly solutions and working alongside customers to shape the future.

Lightweight, eco-friendly and high-performance materials

In our ongoing efforts to be an environmentally responsible business, we are investing in new recycling processes and lightweight, high-performance materials. Notably, these are put to use in the aerospace, automotive, packaging, mass transportation, building and renewable energy markets.

We address the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle, beginning with the design phase. We also develop new multi-material and hybrid solutions with improved, sustainable attributes. We are committed to helping customers reduce their carbon footprint and improve their green credentials.

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Customer partnerships to drive innovation

Our customers play a vital partnership role in our innovation processes. In addition to ensuring we best respond to customer needs, these partnerships enable us to monitor and shape trends and demand.

Every year, our customer partnerships yield research and technologies that set new benchmarks for environmental and efficiency performance. A number of our ideas and designs that have been the products of collaboration have become standards across the industry.

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Constellium owns around 150 active patent families.

Last update 26 March 2015