Long-term partnerships with around 40 collaborations with external, scientific partners support Constellium’s capacity for innovation.

Preparing the future

Collaborating with the academic world is essential to Constellium and C-TEC. At any given time, C-TEC enjoys around 40 collaborations with external, scientific partners.

A few of our major scientific partners include:

    USA: MIT, University of Southern Carolina, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    UK: Brunel University, University of Manchester
    France: CNRS/University laboratories, IRT Jules Verne, IRT M2P
    Germany: RWTH Aachen
    Switzerland: EPFL Lausanne
    Netherlands: TU Delft

These partnerships serve many purposes, from sharing emerging knowledge, to exploring innovative concepts, and identifying new talent for C-TEC.

The benefits of collaborative research

Constellium’s technological partnerships generate important innovation opportunities, foster new ideas, and ensure our R&D is aligned with market needs.

Furthermore, the partnerships help create a broader scientific network dedicated to discovering novel approaches to industry challenges and developing emerging technological concepts.

By involving a number of PhD and MSc students in academic laboratories and in industrial internships at Constellium sites, we create job opportunities for talented scientists and engineers and train the innovators of the future.


Constellium has established partnerships with approximately 40 external, scientific partners around the world.

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