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Aluminium semi-products & solutions

Constellium’s primary business activities are the design and production of solutions for aluminium rolled products (plates, specialty sheets, coils) and extrusions, as well as of automotive structures. We also provide industry-leading research services, in particular harnessing the capabilities of our state-of-the-art Constellium Technology Center (Voreppe, France)

A high-tech offer for aerospace, defense, transportation and industry sectors

Constellium Aerospace and Transportation is a world leader in providing advanced aluminium materials solutions to overcome technology challenges faced by aerospace, defense, transportation and general engineering designers and manufacturers.

The business has a global footprint, and services clients from a system of reliable, highly-efficient world-class manfuacturing facilities across  Europe and North America.

The Aerospace and Transportation business is underpinned by first-class R&D capabilities and competencies. These have enabled development of unique technologies such as AIRWARE® advanced proprietary alloys and rapid prototyping capabilities, simulation tools or joining technologies. In addition, full customer-scrap recycling systems as well as pre-machining either by partners or in-house contributes to offer eco-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable products.

A broad and differentiated portfolio of rolled, extruded or precision casting products is at the core of our strength on the market.

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A leader in specialty sheets and coils manufacturing

Constellium is a leading global provider of value-added aluminium rolled products in a range of alloys, tempers and surface finishes. Our international customer base includes companies across all sectors, from global manufacturers through to localized producers.

Constellium is a market leader in aluminium packaging, automotive and customized industrial coil and sheet solutions. In addition, we provide advanced functional surfaces for architectural, construction and decorative applications and the cosmetics industry. Constellium’s commitment to sustainability includes significant investments in recycling and extensive work on renewable energy applications.

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Extensive offer in aluminium extruded products

For the extrusions market, Constellium offers a complete range of highly specialized aluminium products in soft and hard alloys in diverse shapes and dimensions. These range from customized profiles, tubes and bars to large profiles. Beyond this, we offer extrusion-based solutions and components such as high-dissipation heat sinks, thermal breaks, systems for bus and rail, and power rail.

We support these products with a comprehensive technology and service offer, which includes R&D and technical assistance, finishing operations such as machining and surface treatments, and dedicated services for the rail and bus sectors. We guarantee the highest quality standards for our products, solutions and services.

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Driving for excellence in automotive engineering solutions

Constellium designs, engineers, assembles and supplies lightweight and innovative aluminium solutions for automotive manufacturers such as crash management systems, other safety systems, cockpit carriers and body-in-white structural components. Our knowledge and experience of the products and solutions required for this specialist industry are second to none.

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Access to industry-leading research

Committed to research and developing best practices, we provide customers with access to our Constellium Technology Center (Voreppe, France), Western Europe’s largest facility dedicated to aluminium and alloy testing and research.

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Recently opened up to third parties, customers now have access to the expertise and resources of these world-class facilities through Constellium Technology Center.

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Last update 11 December 2014