Aerospace and Transportation
Constellium, Aerospace and Transportation business unit

Aerospace and Transportation

At Aerospace and Transportation, a business unit of Constellium, we provide advanced aluminium solutions that enable aerospace, defense, transportation and general engineering designers and manufacturers to address their technology challenges.

Global Assets

From dedicated plants in the United States and Europe, Constellium develops and produces the aluminium products that contribute to shape the global aerospace, defense, transportation and industry markets of tomorrow.


Our Aerospace and Transportation business activities span aerospace, defense, transportation and other industries, where we work with key players.

Advanced aluminium products

Working in close collaboration, we help customers develop the most suitable and advanced solutions to meet their needs.

These products include plates, sheets and coils, and extruded products, which have diverse applications, from pre-machined wing panels to solar panels, as well as precisions and castings

Advanced services

Complementing our high-tech product range, we offer key services designed to optimize customer operations and reduce costs. These services include pre-machining, advanced welding and recycling initiatives.

Advanced innovation

As with all of Constellium’s business activities, innovation is at the heart of our work.

Supported by our world-class research center in Voreppe (France) and its expert teams, we develop new technology and aluminium-based solutions addressing current and future market needs. AIRWARE® is the new revolutionary technology, resulting from 10-year R&D that is best suited to feature in all parts of the aircraft primary structure.

We also operate eight dedicated plants, specially equipped to manufacture parts for the Aerospace and Transportation sectors. These operate to the highest quality standards, share expertise, and are configured to meet the huge range of specifications required by our customers.


Our Aerospace and Transportation business unit works with all key partners of the aerospace, defense, transportation and general engineering sectors.

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