Leading supplier on several markets

Constellium is a leading supplier of aluminium products and solutions for aerospace, transportation, defense and industrial manufacturers worldwide.

A first-rate supplier

Drawing on world-class manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America, cutting-edge alloys, and first-class research and development capabilities, Constellium provides diverse aluminium products and solutions for these demanding sectors.

Supplier of the aerospace industry

We supply advanced aluminium-based solutions, including our pioneering AIRWARE® technology, to commercial, regional, business and military aircraft designers and manufacturers, as well as to the space industry.

We are the worldwide leader for value-added aerospace plate. We are also a European leader in aluminium precisions and castings.

Our rolled products offer includes semi-finished plate for ribs, wing-skins and frames, and sheet alloys for fuselages.

This is supplemented by our extensive extrusion range for stringers, tubes and stiffeners, and our unique selection of ALUSAND® castings and large billets for aerospace forging.

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Supplier of the transportation industry

In the transportation sector, we are the market leader in truck-floor and tank trailers and dump bodies in Europe, and the market leader in railcar and roof coil in North America.

Our coil, sheet and plate are widely used in trucks and for building fast ferries and yachts, as are our SEALIUM© extruded products. We also supply pre-painted wide coil for commercial and leisure vehicles and tailored-made castings for high-speed trains.

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Supplier of the defense industry

Our fast-evolving portfolio of lightweight alloys makes us a key partner for armored vehicle makers.

In this area, our proprietary plate alloys offer the highest level of ballistic and blast protection, while others are used in chassis and bogies to lighten vehicles.

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Supplier of industrial manufacturers

We are also a prominent supplier to industry. Our palette of alloys that are customizable to specific components makes us the leader in this field in Europe.

At the same time, our high-quality precision plates have given us leadership in North America for flat-panel displays and solar panels.

Our materials are also used for tooling, special machinery, jigs and fixtures, and in many molding applications.

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Constellium is the worldwide leader for value-added aerospace plate.

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