Advanced aluminium products

We manufacture advanced aluminium products with wide applications across, among others, the global aerospace, defense,  transportation and industry sectors.

Purpose-built for global aerospace, transportation and industry sectors


From solar panels to aircraft wing panels, our Aersopace and Transportation business is a leading edge technology and reliable aluminium partner for its customers providing materials and tailored solutions to best meet their needs.

A broad and differentiated portfolio of rolled, extruded or precision casting products is at the core of our strength on the market. We manufacture plates, sheets and coils, and extruded products at our industrial sites in the US and Europe.

In addition, we offer special precision casting techniques and high‑performance alloys, which feature sought-after fatigue and temperature properties.
Customers have the flexibility to customize these products according to their needs, and can draw on the technical, design and development support provided by our teams of experts.


Constellium Aerospace and Transportation business unit's products include plates, sheets and coils, and extrusions.

Last update 11 April 2013