Aluminium plates

Manufactured at sites in the US and Europe, Constellium’s comprehensive range of aluminium plates for aerospace, defense and industry is of the highest quality.

Our aerospace plates capabilities

Constellium plates

Constellium is the leading suppliers of aerospace plates. Our plate manufacturing facilities in Ravenswood (United States) and Issoire (France) have unique capabilities for producing the specialized plates required for the aerospace sector.

Capable of producing lengths of up to 36 m (1,417”) and widths of up to 3.8 m (149.6”), these plants are able to process and deliver giant cut-to-shape and pre-machined wing panels.

Our capacity to produce plates of up to 254 mm (10”) enables us to create the wide and very heavy gauge plates needed for aircraft spars and ribs.

Aluminium plates for engineering and defense applications

In addition to serving the aerospace sector, our plants, including Sierre (Switzerland), have the versatility to produce plates for general engineering needs and defense applications. We are world #2 for general engineering plates.

Our range includes armor, mechanics, molds and machinery, vacuum chambers for the semi-conductor industry, flat panels and solar panels.

Aluminium plates for marine and transport applications

For the marine and transport markets, we have virtually unlimited plate sizes available.

Materials are available in various alloys and tempers, including all international standards for aluminium series products.

Available plate sizes

    Maximum thickness: 400 mm
    Maximum finished width: 3800 mm
    Maximum finished length: 36,000 mm

Key products

    Large aerospace offer, including AIRWARE ® technology 
    Heat- treated and non-heated plate alloys
    Large-dimension treated plates with various patterns


Constellium is the world leader in aerospace plates and world #2 in general engineering plates.

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