Precision casting

Aluminium precisions and castings

Constellium is a European leader in aluminium precisions and castings.

Innovative precision sand casting techniques

Precision sand castings

Engineers are constantly integrating additional functions into large size components for airframe and engines, space rockets, armored vehicles and railcars. Precision sand casting makes this feasible and cost-effective.

Using innovative casting techniques, Constellium creates parts that are tailor-made to customers’ specific needs.

Our high-performance ALUSAND® alloys feature sought-after fatigue and temperature properties.

At our castings facility in Ussel (France), we have the capabilities to produce components of up to four meters (13’ 1”). We have particular expertise in very large components and those with cast-in passageways.

Innovative tools

These components can be developed using our innovative digital channel tools such as stress calculation, solidification simulation and rapid prototyping. Through the integration of our downstream operations, we can also carry out 3D finishing (polishing), full machining, and surface treatments.

Castings for key industries and markets

Our castings are widely used in the most demanding aerospace industry applications.

One such example is our partnership with SNECMA PROPULSION SOLIDE (SAFRAN Group) to develop a groundbreaking solution for the very large housings required on the heavy-payload Ariane 5 satellite launcher.

An aluminium casting from our Ussel (France) plant also forms part of the hydrogen turbopump of the launcher’s cryogenic main stage engine.

Aluminium casting for transportation has been successfully used for decades in power train and railcars applications such as engine gearboxes and structural parts, including support beams and bogies.


Constellium is a European leader in aluminium precisions and castings.

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