Sheet and coil

Aluminum sheets and coils alloys

Constellium’s aluminium sheet facilitates the creation of light and strong aircraft, road vehicles and sea-going vessels.

Land, air and sea

Sheet and coil

Constellium’s aluminium sheet products are at the cutting edge of technology.

At our plants in Ravenswood (United States) and Issoire (France), we produce sheet and coil products that help designers and manufacturers create lighter, stronger, more corrosion-resistant vehicles for land, air and sea travel. Aerospace customers can benefit from our extensive production capacities for the sheet used in fuselage panels and wing skins.

Materials are available in various alloys and tempers, including all international standards for aluminium series products.

We also produce patented alloys for marine applications and tipper trucks, as well as specialized painted coils designed for manufacturers of buses, campervans and caravans.

Sheets and coils for key markets

Our range of specialized sheet alloys for the aerospace industry is second to none. It includes materials featuring a much lower density, a higher stiffness and a better damage tolerance AIRWARE® technology and specific aerospace alloys offer. Our AIRWARE® fuselage sheets (AIRWARE® 2098) are optimized for highly-loaded sections of an aircraft, such as fuselage sheet or inner structures. Thanks to its low density, increased stiffness and high mechanical strength, compared to incumbent alloys, significant weight reductions can be achieved. In addition, AIRWARE® 2098 offers excellent corrosion performance, for both exfoliation and stress corrosion.This provides reduced maintenance costs, especially in areas highly exposed to humidity.

We can supply heat-treated and non-heated plate alloys, as well as sheets in our 5xxx series alloy.

Our DIAMAL® pre-painted coil is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5-0.8 mm for the roofs and sides of campervans and caravans, and up to 1 mm for coaches and buses.
For tipper trucks, HERKAL HK34® offers significant weight savings and outstanding impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Our SEALIUM® marine alloys are ideal for the construction of fast ferries, landing craft, patrol craft and yachts, thanks to their unparalleled lightness, corrosion resistance, and weldability. 


With our AIRWARE® 2098 fuselage sheets we can achieve increased stiffness, high mechanical strength and considerable weight reductions.

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