From pre-machining parts to collecting customer scrap and recycling, Constellium provides a range of services that help maximize the efficiency of the aerospace, defense, transportation and industry value chain.

Pre-machining services

Our pre-machining service offer includes surface machining, boring and drilling.

By delivering pre-machined components, we help our customers not only optimize manufacturing operations, but also reduce costs.

Advanced welding services

Constellium is a recognized partner for co-developing advanced welding solutions with customers.

Using these welding processes and capabilities, we help customers enhance material performance.

Aluminium recycling services

We are also working with customers to support recycling initiatives. To this end, we collect material removed during our customers’ machining and production phases and reprocess it to create new products.

In addition, Constellium contributes to recycle aluminium from end-of-life aircraft.


Constellium’s services are designed to maximize the efficiency of the aerospace, transportation and industry value chain.

Last update 03 May 2011