Aerospace and Transportation aluminium recycling

Aerospace and Transportation aluminium recycling

Sustainability is as important to Constellium as it is to our customers.

Closed-loop sustainability

At Constellium, we are constantly seeking new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, focusing on the entire life cycle of our products.

In this regard, aluminium is unique for its remarkable environmental qualities. In the right conditions, it is wholly and infinitely recyclable without any deterioration in material properties.

The scrap re-melting process consumes just 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium, which reduces both economic and environmental footprint.

In terms of environment, health and safety practices, we have ISO 14001 accreditation and OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System certification.

A World First: Pioneering AIRWARE® casting units

Airware casthouse

Two new casting units were built to produce AIRWARE®, the new proprietary Constellium technology. Issoire plant in France is equipped with the very first industrial casthouse in the world capable to produce AIRWARE®. The Voreppe R&D center has a new casting unit dedicated to the development of new AIRWARE® applications.

Environmental concerns increasingly prompt aircraft manufacturers and airliners to make more sustainable decisions. Carbon emissions reduction and fuel efficiency are now fully integrated into the aircraft’s life cycle assessment. AIRWARE® is the greenest option on the market today.

AIRWARE® is 100% recyclable. Leveraging aluminium’s infinite recyclability without property loss increases the value of the metal, therefore making it a material of choice for the aerospace industry.

End-of-life aircraft solutions

Issoire recycling casthouse - PAMELA project

We are also committed to recycling aluminium from end-of-life aircraft; it makes up two-thirds of a modern commercial aircraft, by weight.

In the framework of the PAMELA project for dismantling and recycling end-of-life aircraft, Airbus has given Constellium the task to recycle aluminium parts. This project demonstrated the recyclability of A300 wings and cockpit parts with a recovery yield of over 90%, resulting in new aluminium ready for use in future aircraft.

With an estimated 6,000 aircraft scheduled for retirement over the coming two decades, Constellium and its aerospace industry partners collaborate to maximize recycling opportunities and contribute to a greener, cleaner planet.

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A World First: pioneering AIRWARE® casting units for Issoire and Voreppe.

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