Automotive system solutions
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Automotive system solutions

Constellium is a leading supplier of lightweight vehicle solutions, helping auto manufacturers reduce vehicle mass while advancing safety, comfort and performance.

Our automotive components offer

Constellium’s process and engineering expertise is second to none in the industry. All our solutions combine the unique properties of aluminium with our know-how and experience in development, design and production.

Our solution portfolio includes advanced crash management systems, other safety components (such as side impact beams, front-end structures and lower path energy absorption systems), cockpit carriers, body-in-white structures.

Getting it right every time

As a full service supplier, we offer an outstanding knowledge base in aluminium, its applications and manufacturing methods. Close collaboration with customers has resulted in product and process innovations that support safety, quality, comfort and fuel efficiency for vehicles worldwide.

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Constellium has been a reliable automotive partner since the early 1990s when aluminium first penetrated this market.

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Frank Gensty

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