Vehicle crash management systems

Vehicle crash management systems

Thanks to our superior design capacity, Constellium can deliver innovative crash management systems to our automotive customers.

Our aluminium solutions for vehicle safety

Crash management system

Crash Management Systems are situated in the front and rear of an automobile. The most recent fully aluminium systems are based on one (or two) bumper beams and two (or four) crash boxes for each CMS, which are designed to be inserted in the main car structure. The CMS has two purposes: protect the integrity of the automobile in a high-speed crash, and minimize the cost of repairing the car’s front or rear after a low-speed collision. The system is critical in making automobiles safer for the driver, passengers and pedestrians in the event of an accident. Furthermore, it reduces vehicle weight by 4-6 kg in the strategically important front and rear areas.

Leveraging our skills

Constellium has developed expertise in lightweight materials and superior process technologies. Our CMS incorporate engineered solutions specific to our customers’ production needs. We also offer global engineering and testing capabilities, and have a reputation for quality and cost-effective manufacturing skills for mass production.

Constellium’s production capabilities

Aluminium-based crash management technology has already achieved a 30% market share* among automobile manufacturers in Europe. Business is also growing in the United States, where Constellium’s Michigan plant produced 1.5 million CMS units in 2013, serving customers including BMW, Daimler, GM and Chrysler. We believe our proximity to Detroit, home of the US auto industry, is hugely beneficial both for building customer relationships and the logistics of product delivery.

* source: www.ihs.com


Aluminium CMS save weight, enhance safety, and protect vehicle structure.

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