Automotive technology and services

Automotive technology and services

As a full service supplier, we offer outstanding knowledge in aluminium, its applications and manufacturing methods. Constellium collaborates closely with customers’ development teams to execute projects from inception to production.

A full-service automotive components supplier

Automotive technology and services

Backed by a global reach, a full portfolio of aluminium semi-products and engineering capabilities, we offer technical support that encompasses material expertise, design, simulation, calculation, machining and assembly of components. We are committed to furthering innovation in collaboration with our customers and to providing state-of-the-art quality, reliability and full certification in all key automotive systems.

The added value of our teams

Our employees’ expertise, knowledge, and commitment are our keys to success. Thanks to our comprehensive portfolio of aluminium semi-products and engineering capabilities, we have been a reliable partner since the early 1990s, when aluminium first started to penetrate the market. Intensive interaction with customers has resulted in product and process innovations that support safety, quality, comfort and fuel efficiency for vehicles worldwide.


Constellium collaborates with customers to ensure perfect project execution from inception to production.

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Technical contact

Franck Gensty

Tel.: +49 7731 80 2727

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Technical contact

Chris Traitses

Tel.: +1248 668 3208

Fax: +1248 668 3210

46555 Magellan Drive
Novi, Michigan 48377


Sales & technical contact

Tony Shi

Tel.: +86 13817874001

Alcan Engley (Changchun) Automotive Structures Co., Ltd.
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