R&D, engineering & technical support

R&D, engineering & technical support

As a full service supplier for automotive components, we offer an outstanding knowledgebase in aluminium, its applications and manufacturing methods. Constellium’s applied engineering offices supported by research specialists in our R&D Center in Voreppe are dedicated to discovering lightweight aluminium solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Providing a single-source solution

Our CAD, CAE and logistics systems are fully equipped with the hardware and software tools needed to communicate directly with respective customer departments. These solutions include CATIA, Radioss, IDEAS, PATRAN, Pam Crash, LS-Dyna 3D and Abaqus.

Creative collaboration with automotive manufacturers

Automotive R&D, engineering and technical support

Our applied engineered teams in Europe, Asia and North America work creatively with customers to find and design the perfect solutions for their needs. Areas of exploration include:

    new alloy development,
    physical and mechanical metallurgy,
    material analysis, testing and characterization,
    rolling, extrusion, lubrication, and finishing processes,
    extruded products conversion,
    functional surfaces, coating and anti-corrosion techniques,
    joining technologies,
    structural systems and calculations (e.g., crash design),
    structural components testing,
    aluminium assembly techniques (e.g., MIG-welding, EB-welding, bonding),
    real-time production process control and simulation.

Cutting-edge technology research

Dedicated researchers - scientists and technicians - at Constellium’s R&D Center in Voreppe (France) already work on the next generation of aluminium solutions for automotive, while at the same time supporting the product development cycle at our European, Asian and North-American applied engineering offices.

Building on our long presence in the automotive and aluminium market and the testing and prototyping capabilities of our Research Center, customers benefit from our expertise in aluminium applications such as lightweighting, safety, infinite recyclability, as well as in aluminium-adapted design, simulation, and the testing and calculation of automotive components.


Constellium knowledge and experience of crash managment and crash managment systems are second to none in the automotive industry.

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