Large profiles

Large aluminium profiles

Setting ourselves apart from the competition, Constellium is one of the few European specialists able to manufacture extrusions up to 750 mm wide and 30 m long that comply with structural requirements.

Wide choice for large profiles

Large profile

Our large profile extrusions are tailored to customers’ specifications. We offer a large choice of alloys extruded into complex shapes, and different wall thicknesses and dimensions. The extrusions are produced on dedicated presses with a power of up to 100 Meganewton (MN).

Customer benefits

Extrusions up to 750 mm wide and 30 m long

Customers reap a number of benefits from our ability to offer a wide choice of large profiles, including:

    optimization of design concepts,
    computerized structural design,
    a considerable reduction in the number of components required to manufacture their products and systems,
    elimination of cost-intensive machining and assembly operations, especially welding,
    integration of various functions.


In Europe, Constellium is the #1 supplier of large profiles.

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Large Profiles

Spain & Portugal

Xavier Palau

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Large Profiles

Other countries

Jürgen Renner

Tel.: +49 7731 80 2536

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