R&D and technical support

R&D and technical support

Constellium’s world-renowned Technology Center has a dedicated team working on aluminium solutions for extrusions.

Dedicated to technical excellence

Skilled technical representatives at our extrusions plants offer customer support, from alloy selection to profile design, ensuring customers receive the extrusion solution best suited to their needs and application.

At Constellium’s Technology Center, a team of scientists and technicians continuously innovate and improve upon Constellium’s market‑leading range of aluminium solutions. We provide full resources and expertise to our extrusion plants, including metallurgical simulation for alloy design, material testing and analysis capabilities, laboratory prototyping equipment, pilot casting facilities, surface treatments, and joining technologies.

In order to remain at the cutting edge of new research, Constellium nurtures close relationships with metallurgical research centers and universities worldwide. 

A collaborative effort

Supported by the R&D team, technical representatives act as the interface between our research center and our customers, making sure that the newest innovations and ideas reach them quickly.

Working together, research teams and technical representatives consider the most appropriate alloy, shape and extrusion process for the customer.

Our value proposition

Through our R&D and technical support service, customers can take advantage of benefits including:

    metallurgical know-how and process development, using state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories,
    continuous development in extrusion technology,
    integrated remelt/cast centers for most advanced alloys,
    manufacturing of complex extruded shapes with different wall thickness,
    manufacture of large tools (dies) to comply with sophisticated customer requirements,
    Constellium’s own die shop.

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Constellium provides customer support from alloy selection and profile design through end-application.

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