Sustainable processes and recycling

As a socially responsible company, and with our customers’ environmental interests in mind, Constellium strives to integrate sustainability into our approach and practices. 

Responsible excellence

We have long understood that cost efficiency is closely linked to environmental and social responsibility. 

With our focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, Constellium partners with major industry players to develop and promote sustainable aluminium applications for growing markets, notably for automotive, packaging, building and renewable energy applications.

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Specifically, we are helping our teams and customers realize the benefits of sustainability in a number of ways.

    Developing innovative, environmentally friendly processes and products: New alloys and designs enable weight savings in customer end products, increasing energy efficiency. Less material means less energy consumption, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions released during production and throughout the supply chain.
    Engaging with employees, customers and other stakeholders: We promote credible and responsible solutions and present aluminium as a sustainable, recyclable material.

    Neuf-Brisach recycling facility

    Working with dedicated organizations and associations: We support the European Aluminium Association (EAA) and Beverage Can Manufacturer Europe (BCME), as well as metal packaging associations and national associations and organizations like Alupro (GB), France Aluminium Recyclage (France), in furthering the promotion and implementation of aluminium recycling programs.
    Providing recycling solutions: using both our recycling facility and recycling know-how to help recycle end-of-life products as well as customers’ scraps.
    Enhancing our ability to adapt and innovate: We leverage first-rate assets and resources, leading recycling technology and programs, capacity for innovation, and commitment to sustainable development.

Striking the right balance

Our significant investments in research and development are evidence of our efforts to find the right balance between environmental, social and economic considerations.

Through our product stewardship program we analyze a product’s life cycle. This helps us identify key risks and opportunities for value creation, as well as determine the main environmental impacts, ensuring improvement efforts are focused on the most pressing needs.

Constellium is committed to finding compatibility between the company’s business activity and the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Recycling 1 kg of aluminium saves 4 kg of bauxite, 0.8 kg of chemicals and the equivalent of 34 Kwh of electricity. It also prevents the equivalent of 9 kg of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

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