Decorative applications

Aluminium sheets and coils for decorative applications

Constellium is a key supplier of aluminium products with decorative functional surfaces, commonly used for automotive and architectural purposes.

Brilliant and beautiful surfaces

Decorative building applications

Lightweight, versatile and attractive, aluminium is employed increasingly for decorative applications, especially in the automotive and building industries.

Our portfolio includes a selection of sheet and coil products with a high visual impact, designed with a decorative application in mind.

Using these products, interior and car designers can create functional, aesthetic and sustainable parts that contribute to both interior and exterior car design, ranging from car-door trimmings to roof parts and hood ornaments.

Premium decorative product portfolio

Constellium decorative products are customizable in a range of surfaces and finishes.

    High-quality, decorative (matte or bright or structured) surfaces: for high surface perfection, ideally used with further anodizing treatment
    Decorative material surface: created using chemical or electrolytic brightening followed by anodizing “finish” for exceptional luster.
    Inoxal®: corrosion-proof, hardwearing and resistant to fingerprints, this anodized surface is used both in private homes and for industrial applications.
    Laminium® AID: with its high-quality decorative finish, this is used mainly in domestic appliances, modern furniture and high-tech electrical applications. Exists in anodizing quality (for further chemical or electrolytic anodizing) and already anodized.

Highest quality decorative aluminium

Decorative aluminium production is a fine art. Experience and mastery of the production process is required to ensure impeccable surface quality and a high level of brilliance. Constellium is well positioned to respond to these demands thanks to years of experience and our state-of-the-art production facilities. We are also able to draw on our work with other, equally critical surface applications, such as cosmetic packaging and solar.


The series number of aluminium denotes its alloying elements. 1000 series are the purest, with a minimum of 99% aluminum content by weight.

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