Solar applications

Aluminium sheets for solar applications

With solar power increasingly considered a viable and accessible renewable energy source, Constellium is playing a key role in the development of solar technology.

A source of clean energy

Solar Surface® 992 as secondary mirror in Fresnel CSP Collector of Industrial Solar GmbH

© Industrial Solar GmbH

We help major industry and renewable energy sectors meet their environmental challenges by offering eco-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable aluminium functional surface products.

Constellium is a leading manufacturer of rolled aluminium sheet products with functional surfaces. We are a world leader of bright rolled and pre-treated matte surfaces.

Additionally, we are a leading supplier of aluminium sheet solutions for the rapidly growing renewable solar energy collector segment.

Products light the way

Designed for tough outdoor environments, the Constellium Solar Surface® portfolio includes aluminium mirrors for solar reflection and concentration and aluminium substrates for selective absorber coating.

Solar Surface® 990 as CPC Reflector for vacuum tube collector CPC Star Azzurro of Paradigma GmbH

© Ritter Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

They are used in a number of applications:

    Collectors for domestic water and space heating
    Concentrating solar power (CSP) troughs industrial process for heating and solar air conditioning for low and middle temperatures
    CSP Fresnel as secondary mirrors
    Concentrating photovoltaic applications

Solar initiatives in developing communities

Solar cookers offer high energy value without negative environmental impact.

These cookers are particularly useful in areas or villages with little access to energy sources apart from wood, the use of which leads to deforestation.

In this context, Constellium’s Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products business unit is supporting many initiatives in the development sector:

    CDM (clean development mechanism) project in Indonesia (Banda Aceh Region)
    Joint project with Humanitrek in Nepal and India
    An active part of the solidarity chain for Haiti following the earthquake in 2010

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Photovoltaics are used to transform sunlight directly into electricity. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology converts it for indirect use.

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