Sheets and coils
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Aluminium sheets and coils

Working closely with customers, Constellium offers premium, semi-finished aluminium rolled products in a range of aluminium alloys, tempers and surface finishes.

Functional and aesthetic aluminium solutions

For a varied customer base around the world, we produce and develop customized aluminium sheet and coil solutions including:

    packaging applications: food and beverage, closures, foil packaging, cosmetics packaging;
    automotive applications: body-in-white, heat exchangers, as well as equipment, chassis and other sheets;
    building applications: outdoor and indoor working environments including facades, lighting, ceiling, kitchen fixtures;
    industry applications: electrical cases, ladders and scaffolding, antennae, orthopedic equipment,  telescoping handles.

Products are available in a variety of tempers, including hardening, heat, or other Constellium-developed processes. Customers also have the option of bright, textured, brushed, anodized and mill finish and various surface treatments. 

The result is a combination of the aluminium aesthetic and its intrinsic functional qualities.

Tailored to customers

Adding value to its sheet and coil offers, Constellium provides customers with technical support and the benefit of its unique R&D capabilities, including cooperation and development programs.

This partnership approach to R&D has led to the development of several lightweight, innovative and sustainable products, using unique proprietary technologies and processes.

Environmentally friendly

Consistent with our sustainable development objectives, we continuously promote reuse and recycling of aluminium in our sheets and coils. We are also involved in a number of sustainable research groups, leading the way in many cutting-edge processes and developments.

About aluminium anodization

Anodization is the process of artificially increasing the thickness of the (natural) oxide coating by electrolytic means. This provides extra protection through films that can vary in thickness from a few microns to over 100 µ.

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