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Aluminium sheets and coils for distribution

Constellium works closely with selected leading distributors and distribution partners to deliver quality, customized aluminum sheet and coil products to the widest possible range of market segments.

A myriad of uses


We produce a large range of semi-finished sheet and coil products for distributors

We produce a large range of semi-finished sheet and coil products for distributors. They serve different markets such as building, automotive, industry.

Our products can be used for applications as diverse as architecture, facades, automotive, decoration, electric/electronic, transport, sports and leisure, domestic appliances, and mechanical engineering and appliances.

Constellium’s collaborative relationships with distribution partners ensure that our products arrive at market on schedule and in the required quantities, fulfilling both our complementary roles in the global supply chain.

Our distributors and distribution partners benefit from the value of our services developed over many years.

Sheets and coils available in a large range of alloys

All Constellium products are fully customizable and available in different alloys and alloy families (ranging from 1000 to 6000 series) from plants in Europe.

Our offer encompasses specialist products, including anodizing-quality and pre-anodized products (Laminium® range).

In addition, we provide specialist services, either in-house or in conjunction with long-standing and experienced partners. These include surface treatment (anodising, coating, etc.) and cutting to length.

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The series number of aluminium denotes its alloying elements. 1000 series are the purest, with a minimum of 99% aluminum content by weight.

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