Aluminium foil packaging

Aluminium foil packaging

Working closely with customers and drawing on our longstanding, cross-sector expertise, Constellium is responding to aluminium foil market demand with a wide range of solutions.

Serving a dual purpose

From packaging for food and pharmaceuticals, to pouches, containers, and applications in technology, aluminium foil permeates everyday life.

Non-porous, with exceptional mechanical characteristics and impeccable surface quality, aluminium foil serves the dual purposes of protecting a product while enhancing its aesthetics.

Supplying a growing market

In Europe, demand for aluminium foil solutions is increasing, particularly with the development of the liquid and flexible packaging industry. Constellium serves the market, providing a foilstock offer for use in a variety of applications.

Providing a wide solutions offer 

Pharmaceuticals applications

Food, pharmaceuticals, aluminium foil permeates everyday life

Constellium supplies hot & cold rolled coils for the foil industry available from both our production plants, in various alloys, thicknesses and widths.

Our foilstock products are further rolled and processed by our customers for a wide range of packaging or industrial applications:

    Food-flexible: such as coffee (including coffee caps), chocolate, butter, fruit compotes
    Food-rigid packaging: containers
    Thin foil (4 - 200 microns): for packaging and industrial applications such as aseptic foil, bottle neck foil and yogurt lids
    Laminated products: aluminum’s air and light barrier preserves nutritional qualities
    Opening solutions: such as peelable ends for ready meals
    Pharmaceuticals: aluminum’s sealability protects the product's properties and ensures the highest hygienic standards

Uncompromising on quality

From our plants in Germany and France, and across our entire aluminium foil range, we offer superior lead times and quality, and the potential for customization. 

We specifically ensure the performance of our products in terms of uncompromising non-porosity, mechanical characteristics, and impeccable surface aspect. All our products comply with international food safety regulations and we are active participants in ISO (International Standards Organization) and the European Aluminium Association, helping to contribute to the standards evolution in the field.


Addressing the challenges of sustainability, Constellium is taking a proactive approach to sustainable production and consumption. We are helping customers address technological challenges such as improving processes and lowering energy consumption.

Find out more about Constellium’s Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products business unit’s approach to sustainability

About aluminium in foil applications

Its robustness, rigidity and protective qualities against water, oxygen and light mean that aluminium foil serves the dual purpose of protecting a product while enhancing its aesthetics.

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