Fred Ravat, Talent Director, Constellium

Constellium and experts

Aluminium is a modern, highly technical material that goes into commercial airplanes, automotive body-in-white structures and beverage can packaging applications. It takes a lot of skill and the products need to

meet detailed specifications. Experts and experienced professionals therefore have wide scope to have a significant impact on Constellium’s operations and overall efficiency.

Fred, Talent Director, Constellium

What type of experts is Constellium looking for?

Constellium is seeking individuals with talent in all of its roles. At the Ravenswood plant, which is typical of our other manufacturing facilities, we are primarily looking for experts in manufacturing operations and manufacturing engineering areas and applications. Supply chain experts are also in need.

What kind of opportunities are we offering?

If you are interested in change and being a part of a growing organisation and providing input and mentoring, then you are going to be successful here. It’s an opportunity to apply the depth of your engineering skills in a creative way.

Our remuneration packages are attractive and exceed industry norms. We are an international company, so our workplaces are multicultural, and in Europe especially there are many options for mobility between sites and countries.

We also hire people experienced with other materials, such as composites, who want to develop or improve their skills working with aluminium, which is an increasingly attractive material for clients.

What environments do these experts work in?

There is a role for experienced operators at all of our workplaces, sites and facilities. Whatever the role, you will always be ultimately working with leading edge companies, on products that will help them to succeed in the markets of tomorrow.

For example, Ravenswood is a supplier for the aerospace industry, and all elements of aerospace efficiency are linked to our R&D products.

In automotive meanwhile we are working on solutions for the future that will make cars lighter and more crash resistant.

What are their responsibilities?

Experts are invaluable to us for their skills and expertise. We need them to quickly get involved and fill roles that help us run our facilities more efficiently.

As a newly independent company, there is real scope for experts to take on leadership roles or work with leadership teams to advise on best practices and put in place process improvements. There will also be opportunity to mentor our younger employees.

In short, this is a good environment for someone who has an expertise to make a real contribution.

How does the HR team help them reinforce their careers?

What sets Constellium apart from competitors is that employees are seen as individuals with real contributions to make. This is particularly important for experts, who can add tangible value based on their experience in technical industries.

To attract and retain talent, we actively move people into the areas they are interested in. We want people to use their potential in the best way. Experts can specialise in sectors, products and process they might not have previous experience with. We look at what is available across the company to provide maximum job enrichment and enlargement.

Ricky, R&D Engineer, Voreppe, France

I was searching for a company where I could see my innovations make their way to products that we use in our everyday life.

Ricky, R&D Engineer at Constellium

I joined Constellium in 2014, as a research and development engineer working at the Constellium Technology Center (C-TEC) located in Voreppe, France. Both aluminium industry and academic contacts recommended I apply at Constellium, based on Constellium’s excellent reputation for innovation and world renowned research facilities. 

Working on high-impact projects

As an engineer at C-TEC, I get to impact the future products of the company and our customers’ products. Upon arrival in France, I was immediately given several high-impact projects involving development of new aluminium alloys for the aerospace market.

I find this work greatly fulfilling, as each time I take a commercial flight, I know that some of Constellium’s products are likely onboard the aircraft. 

Learning from the variety of cultures at Constellium

An unexpected bonus of working at C-TEC was to have the opportunity to work in a truly international environment.

There are over 20 different nationalities represented on site. I never recognized my cultural tendencies and “typically American” working style until I came to a place with such a rich variety of cultures to learn from.

By working together at C-TEC, we learn the strengths and weaknesses of our various cultural approaches to problems, which allows us all to grow individually and as a team to be better researchers.

Going forward, I know that my experience at C-TEC has been a great preparation for any job I may choose to pursue within the company – whether working in our R&D centers in France or the USA, or anywhere else worldwide in one of our plants.