Students and apprentices
Tobias, HR Director Constellium Germany

Constellium and students

Constellium offers a range of internships, apprenticeships and PhD partnerships in manufacturing, R&D, sales, support functions and more.

Students keen to put their learning into practice and enthused about aluminium and its potential will find opportunities to quickly develop.

Tobias, Human Resources Director, Germany

What student profiles are we looking for?

In R&D we have up to 70 students working in our teams as part of their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and metallurgy. There is a strong focus on application, so we are really seeking students that are eager to put what they have learned in the course of their studies into action.

What type of apprenticeships and training are on offer?

Our apprenticeships vary depending on the location: you could be an electrician, in maintenance, in a technical role, or on the shop floor.

Ausbildung in Constellium Singen

In Singen we have more than 100 young apprentices who typically do a four-year training and then go onto the shop floor and work up the career ladder. There are also engineering students who combine apprenticeships with study. To apply for apprenticeships in Singen, please click here. To apply for a student placement in Singen, please click here.

In the Czech Republic, we offer a ‘single practice’ apprenticeship, which is three week in total per year, as well as a ‘professional training’, which lasts for the 10-month school year.

Wherever the apprenticeship is located, you can be assured that it will be interesting. In Ravenswood in the US for example, our apprentices work with machines that produce extremely high-tech components for world-leading aerospace clients.

What environments do students work in and with whom?

There are a lot of internships and opportunities for students in our research centre in Voreppe. This site is very well equipped to accommodate student projects and theses in technology and aluminium transformation, or fundamental research.

We also have partnerships with around 25 university labs worldwide and have built very strong networks in the field of metals and metallurgy. The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and France’s ViaMéca mechanical engineering research cluster are just two of these institutions.

How does the HR team help students to develop their projects?

We take a hands-on approach and foster your development.

In Singen for example, which is one of the plants that I’m most familiar with due to my position, we assign our apprentices to five trainers who are dedicated to teaching them from scratch.

If you are effective here your responsibilities will quickly grow. You can start on shop floor and become a shift leader then production leader within a matter of years.

Frédéric, apprentice at Neuf-Brisach plant

Apprentice Frédéric started with Constellium as a production operator on a summer internship at Neuf-Briasch in 2007. His involvement with Constellium over this time has benefited his studies and vice versa.

Frédéric, apprentice at Neuf-Brisach

In 2007, Frédéric, a student of environment, risk and safety, undertook a summer internship with Constellium as a production operator at Neuf-Brisach. It was the first of several periods Frédéric has since spent with Constellium that have related to his studies. The experience at the Neuf-Brisach site proved both valuable and instructive for his studies.


Putting theory into practice

In particular, the site has offered many opportunities for Frédéric to see how the theory behind environmental risk and safety can be applied in practice. Safety and risk are of utmost importance at the Neuf-Brisach site, which works with molten metal and large machinery.

As part of his 16-month apprenticeship, Frédéric has been able to gain first-hand experience in several areas that relate to his field of research, specifically in risk management and project management. Under the supervision of the head of the cold rolling department, Frédéric works on a daily basis with the two security training coordinators he shares an office with.

He has a good degree of autonomy in his projects. As part of his missions he needs to make decisions with the heads of operational service units, and also often meets the production operators of machines.

Through his interactions with these and other staff, he has been able to develop organisational skills, and learnt to communicate effectively in the workplace environment.

He has also been mindful of Constellium’s values concerning safety and the environment, which he has upheld through his work to improve the safety and security of employees across the board.

Once his apprenticeship draws to a close, Frédéric will explore the opportunities available to continue his involvement with Constellium.