Why join Constellium?
Why join Constellium

Why join Constellium?

A high-tech industry, an expanding market and a strong culture of innovation: join Constellium to take full advantage of the opportunities that aluminium presents. Newly independent with a clear direction and sharp vision, Constellium today offers unique possibilities for you to help us define our future shape and position.

Global in size, human in scale

Global in size we operate on a human scale. Our  approximately 11,000 employees are visible and empowered to push their ideas.

We believe in the power of change, making it critical for our employees to be flexible and able to adapt to rapid market shifts.

As a Lean expert in this environment, you will have the scope to implement continuous improvement initiatives that add efficiency and value to our structure, operations, products and processes.

Committed to safety and sustainability

Our EHS FIRST approach permeates all of our activities, and is at the forefront of our thinking.

We consider every Constellium employee – independent of their role – accountable for the environment and the health and safety of our employees and everyone else on our sites.

Concern for the environment runs in our DNA. We are at the forefront of new recycling technologies and approaches, and have received multiple industry recognitions for our recycling initiatives, particularly for aerospace aluminium.

Joining our EHS teams, you will work to improve workplace safety and compliance, or help R&D to develop greener solutions and safer packaging.

High-tech industry with strong innovation culture

At our world-class Technology Center in Voreppe (France), we foster collaborative partnerships and innovate beyond materials. Listening to clients, our R&D teams push the boundaries of possibility, using aluminium’s lightness, strength, corrosion-resistance and infinite recyclability to new advantage. As one of our centre’s 200 researchers, engineers or technicians, you will work with R&D professionals across our three business units, tapping into our 11 technology networks to  to  promote best practices with customers and at plants.

On the shop floor as a manufacturing engineer at our 25 global production facilities, you will turn these innovations into reality, using production machines and processes that incorporate some of the best technology in Europe.

Learning, development and international mobility

Constellium, like aluminium, is a product of tomorrow. Whether you are a student, apprentice, young engineer or experienced industry professional, Constellium nurtures your talent and opens pathways that reinforce your leadership and management skills. Through our structured performance appraisals we recognise your work and potential, with high performers given extra support, compensation, and access to dedicated development programs. Our opportunities for internal mobility meanwhile give you experience of operational and functional roles in a variety of countries.

We’re a young company but we have a long history. And with your contribution, our valued customers and we can be confident that we will all share a promising future.