Constellium markets


Constellium is a leading player in the supply of aluminium products and solutions to companies operating in some of the fastest-developing sectors of the global economy.

Setting the standard for aluminium expertise and innovation

Aluminium is an indispensable material for the 21st century. Lightweight, easily recyclable, formable,  fulfilling structural requirements and easy to handle, aluminium conducts heat and electricity well and resists corrosion.

We draw on decades of aluminium processing expertise and unequaled global delivery capabilities. By creatively collaborating with customers in both developed and emerging economies, we help them achieve results and compete in today’s challenging business climate. Customers benefit from synergies in R&D and innovation between technologies optimized for different markets. Our cutting‑edge work in the aerospace field, for example, feeds into our work in many other markets.

We currently operate in 10 exciting and diverse markets. We aim to continue building on our core skills to achieve selective growth in mature markets, and to lead a drive for expansion in emerging markets. 


Constellium serves customers from its 21 production facilities, 10 administrative and commercial sites, and its Technology Center. 

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