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Constellium is a global player in the aerospace industry with a full range of customized aluminium products and advanced solutions, serving commercial, space and defense markets. Based on company internal market analysis, we are world #1 in aerospace plate and a leader in hard-alloy extrusions, as well as in aluminium precisions and castings.

Aluminium takes aerospace products to new heights

In the three major aerospace markets, we deliver value-added plates, sheets, extrusions and precision castings. We are a major provider of pre-machining, custom-designed aerospace components, and the sole producer of many advanced proprietary alloys and technologies, including AIRWARE®. Thus we deliver sustainable growth solutions to our customers.

Commercial aircraft parts supplier

Constellium is a major partner of aircraft manufacturers all over the world. Thanks to our technological competence and broad industrial experience, we are in the position to offer the most advanced materials and engineering solutions.

Our new high-performance technologies are enabling the development, design and manufacturing of the next generation of aircraft and spacecraft.

With our customers, we build long-term supply and technology partnerships to help them develop and build aircraft that are more efficient, more economic, safer and greener. Thus they benefit from our exclusive know-how in lightweight aluminium solutions.

We are also involved in innovative initiatives to recycle customer scrap by alloy type, allowing a direct return to the production process without loss of properties.

The aluminium recycling life cycle starts with scrap generated inside our plants as well as the customer sites and ends with remelting aluminium scrap from aircraft that have reached the end of their service lives.

Military aircraft parts supplier

Strong, lightweight materials enable advanced military aircraft to fly faster, carry heavier payloads, improve survivability for the warfighter, thus fulfilling the mission for which they were designed.

With our unique portfolio proprietary alloys and technologies (including AIRWARE®) and a commitment to finding collaborative materials solutions, Constellium is an ideal partner for the world’s military aircraft makers. These include Lockheed Martin, which utilizes our alloys on its latest generation F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter).

Space industry

Constellium’s aluminium advanced products have been traveling beyond the stratosphere for more than three decades.

Through long-standing partnerships with builders of launchers and space vehicles, we have demonstrated our capacity to deliver materials solutions and services of the very highest quality.


Constellium is a major partner of aircraft manufacturers all over the world.

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