Commercial aircraft
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Commercial aircraft

Constellium is dedicated to delivering advanced materials solutions to our partners across the world. We work to ensure that today’s aircraft are the best they can be, and tomorrow’s better still.

Innovative aluminium technology to create greener and lighter aircraft

Thanks to the lightness, strength and corrosion resistance, aluminium is the a material of choice to meet the key challenge facing the aerospace today.

Our goal is to work with designers, assemblers and suppliers in the commercial aircraft industry to help deliver aircraft that are even lighter, more efficient, affordable and reliable.

To accomplish this, we offer a comprehensive package of high-performance alloys and technologies, such as our newly developed AIRWARE®. We build upon the reliability of proven aluminium-based solutions to create lighter, more efficient and greener aircraft.

We help designers understand the potential of innovative alloys and manufacturing techniques, and offer technology options for using aluminium materials on wing skins and in structural components or molded products.

Recognized expertise

We constantly strive to understand our customers’ objectives in an effort to help them achieve their goals. These customers include some of the world’s leading aircraft designers, manufacturers and suppliers, such as Boeing in the US, and Airbus in Europe.

In addition, we work closely with designers and manufacturers of regional and business jets, including Embraer, Bombardier, ATR, Dassault, Gulfstream and Pilatus.

We also value our close collaboration with major Tier One aerospace industry suppliers, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Spirit AeroSystems, Vought Aircraft Industries, GKN Aerospace, Aerolia, SONACA, S.A.B.C.A., Aernnova, Premium Aerotec and Alenia.


Constellium builds upon the reliability of a proven material to provide the best solutions for building tomorrow’s aircraft.

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