Commercial aircraft aluminium alloy products & solutions

Commercial aircraft aluminium alloy products & solutions

Constellium has developed a wide range of value-added aluminium products and solutions best suited to feature in all parts of the aircraft primary structure such as nose, wings, fuselage and tail.

Aluminium for aerospace

Constellium is committed to advancing the way aluminium products and solutions are used in the aerospace industry. Consisting in a rich portfolio of active patents, our offering of high-performance aerospace alloys provides stronger lighter materials for commercial aircraft designers, manufacturers and component suppliers.

Specially developed alloys

Three dimensional AIRWARE plate for wing structure

Developed jointly between our customers, Constellium engineers and operational and sales teams, AIRWARE®  is the most advanced solutions to meet challenging engineering requirements. Combining aluminium, copper, silver and lithium, AIRWARE® features a much lower density, a higher stiffness and a better damage tolerance. When combined to advance welding and redesign of aircraft aerostructure, AIRWARE® delivers up to 25% weight reduction.

Our aluminium products are available in four main forms:

    Plates, which can be machined to make particular shapes, such as bulkheads
    Sheet used for fuselage and wing skins
    Extrusions for structural components, such as stringers
    Precision castings, which provide large variety of customised components such as door frames or engine gearboxes

Plates, sheets and extrusions

As aerostructures become increasingly complex in design, the use of ever larger plates is required. Constellium has the production capability to provide either bare plate or semi-finished parts in the sizes required.

AIRWARE plate for aerospace applications

We can machine parts up to 36 m long (118 ft 1 in) and 3.8 m wide (12 ft 5 in). In addition, we can bore and drill parts, providing threaded holes. We can even offer complete machine finishing on very large wing skin panels, ensuring that components are ready to install on the airplane.

With plate available in thicknesses up to 254 mm (10 in), it is also possible to produce spars and ribs.

Our products include a wide range of sheet alloys and temper qualities for specific applications, along with extruded products.

Our extrusions are available in hard and semi-hard alloys, including bars with diameters of up to 305 mm (1 ft) and more than 1,000 different shapes. Extruded tubes and extruded drawn tubes are available from 2 mm outer diameter (1/10 in) to 160 mm OD (6 3/10 in), with various wall thicknesses.

Billets of up to 5 m (16 ft 4 in) in length and 860 mm (2 ft 9 in) in diameter for aerospace forgings are also available.

Precision casting

We are a European leader in precisions and castings, which can be used to produce components of up to 4 m (13 ft 1 in). They incorporate many functions and may be made from our unique range of high-performance ALUSAND® alloys.

Product recycling measures

In the interests of sustainability, our advanced machining facilities help customer both enhance their manufacturing efficiency and simplify their recycling operations. About 90% of the metal used in a plate is removed when the plate is machined, and at Constellium, we automotically recycle it.


Constellium’s offering of high-performance aerospace alloys is protected by a rich portfolio of active patents.

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