Commercial aircraft research and development

Commercial aircraft research and development

To cater to the unique needs of the commercial aircraft industry, Constellium draws on teams of scientists and researchers and the capabilities of the unique technology Center.

Collaborative research process

Scientists and researchers at the Constellium Technology Center are committed to developing new alloys, casting technology, machining techniques and joining methods for the commercial aircraft industry. They tailor techniques to meet customers’ specific needs.

Our research and development partnership process starts on customer sites where our Customer Application Engineers evaluate the present and future materials challenges. Scientists and engineers from the Constellium Technology Center provide support if required.

Demonstrable success

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Our research and development teams designed more than 20 new Constellium alloys and tempers for the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 airliner programs. When combined with innovative engineering, these alloys can help deliver important weight reductions.

In addition, our AIRWARE® high-performance alloys are making a key contribution to overcoming the challenge making aircraft lighter and easier to manufacture, and reducing fuel consumption, which is vital to producing a new generation of airplanes.

Last update 26 May 2015