Commercial aircraft success story

Commercial aircraft success story

Bombardier has chosen AIRWARE® technologies from Constellium to provide the primary structure of its all-new CSeries single-aisle passenger jets.

AIRWARE® takes off with the CSeries planes

CSeries CS300

The Canadian plane-maker has entered into a long-term agreement for the exclusive supply of AIRWARE® materials from Constellium. These will comprise more than 20% of materials used in the planes.

Use of our AIRWARE® low density alloy technologies, has helped Bombardier develop a high-strength, light, metallic fuselage by combining sheets and extrusions to manufacture fuselage skins, stringers, frames and floor beams.

Significant benefits for our customers and airlines

The Constellium-Bombardier agreement, underpinned by long-standing collaborative research between the two companies, is expected to contribute deliver significant operating cost advantages compared to in-service aircraft as well as sharply lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

A word from Bombardier

"Bombardier studied very carefully the advantages of Constellium’s AIRWARE® and evaluated it against other materials for the CSeries aircraft fuselage” said Robert Dewar, Vice President CSeries, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. "Our decision to select AIRWARE® really came down to its advanced properties, strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance combined with its capacity for easy inspection and repair. The selection of Constellium’s AIRWARE® for the CSeries aircraft will provide a significant operational advantage for airlines.""

Last update 23 May 2013