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For Constellium, space is the ultimate high-tech market. In this technological frontier zone, our dedication to developing groundbreaking materials makes us a natural partner for pioneering projects.

The final frontier for aluminium materials

Constellium’s aluminium advanced products have been traveling beyond the stratosphere for more than three decades.

Through long-standing partnerships with builders of launchers and space vehicles, we have demonstrated our capacity to deliver the very highest quality materials solutions and services.

Innovative material

The space industry needs materials that are light and strong, resistant to fatigue and that can withstand intense vibration and temperature extremes. AIRWARE®, for example, provide advantages including proven reliability and better safety for space missions.

Constellium’s advanced AIRWARE® technology, which features a much lower density, higher stiffness and a better damage tolerance, was developed with these requirements in mind. It was chosen as key structural material of the Orion crew exploration vehicle being built by Lockheed Martin for the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

A trusted supplier for spacecraft manufacturers


Recognizing our product innovation in the field, industry players have responded by selecting our new alloys as key structural materials. NASA and its industrial partner, Lockheed Martin, selected Constellium as the leading supplier of Low Density Alloys for the Orion crew module.

SpaceX uses AIRWARE® technology on its Falcon 1 launcher.

The Falcon 9 launcher, which carries a heavier payload, and the SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft have been chosen by NASA to resupply the International Space Station when its shuttles are withdrawn from service. AIRWARE® is used to manufacture many Falcon 9 structural components. By combining both reliability and innovation AIRWARE® contributes to the success of critical space programs.

European presence

In Europe, we are a trusted partner of major players such as the European Space Agency (ESA), EADS, SAFRAN and MT Aerospace. Our alloys and precision castings are used to make key components for the Ariane 5 launcher, and is used on the ESA’s light-payload Vega launcher.

Private venture collaborations

Recently, we have also started to provide high-tech, low-risk and affordable materials solutions to private ventures that launch satellites and people into space. In this emerging market, our background with the space industry, along with our proven expertise and solutions, technology capability, partnership philosophy and business agility, makes us a partner of choice.

In private space exploration, our 7050 alloy is used on the Delta 4 rocket built by Boeing IDS. Blue Origin, another private US space company, is exploring use of our alloys on its future sub-orbital spacecraft.

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Constellium has a longstanding record of providing high-tech materials  to the demanding space industry.

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