Space aluminium alloy products & solutions

Space aluminium alloy products & solutions

Constellium’s aluminium advanced products meet the demanding material requirements of the space industry.

Unique product design challenges

Space applications

The design and construction of space launchers and vehicles present great materials challenges for scientists and engineers.

All materials must be strong, lightweight, resistant to fatigue and corrosion, and able to withstand great temperature variations. Futhermore, they often need to be formed into unusual shapes or joined to different materials, which necessitates new technology solutions.

Constellium’s advanced aluminium products meet these requirements, making them the material of choice for space manufacturers and bringing strength and weight savings to many space applications.

AIRWARE® in space

One such Constellium material is our AIRWARE® technology.

Our AIRWARE® portfolio (AIRWARE® 2195, AIRWARE® 2198 and AIRWARE® 2050) can be used to make fuel tank ribs and longerons. It is typically formed as rolled plate or extrusions when used for space launchers and spacecraft.

The walls of fuel tanks, like the external tanks on space shuttles, may be made from our AIRWARE® 2195 40 mm plate (1 6/10 in), which is machined to leave a thin wall strengthened by integral ribs.

Domes and cylinder caps can be made from plates of alloy 2219, which are shaped by our partners using spin-forming technology.

Precision casting and welding

Castings can also provide a valuable way of creating key components. For example, on the Ariane 5 launcher, Constellium provides a precision-cast aluminium alloy impeller for the third cryogenic main stage engine hydrogen turbo-pump.

For crew vehicles, our AIRWARE® 2195 provides a strong, low-density material for longerons, diagonal structures and components. Our AIRWARE® 2050, which offers a combination of unique properties, is available for structural sections, including frames, ribs and window supports.

We also offer advanced solutions for joining materials. Friction stir welding not only improves the resistance of a joint to fatigue, damage and corrosion, but ensures a perfect join with no loss of strength, while optimizing the production process.

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Our AIRWARE® technology - AIRWARE® 2195, AIRWARE® 2198 and AIRWARE® 2050 - is used to make fuel tank ribs and longerons.

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