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Constellium’s aluminium solutions help global automotive manufacturers produce lighter, safer and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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A driving force for the automotive industry

Lightweighting in the automotive industry is key, due to increasingly strict requirements and regulations for CO2 reduction, rising fuel prices, and the scarcity of fossil fuels. Material lightweighting helps reduce CO2 emissions, saving fuel and leading the industry into a sustainable future.

Quality aluminium products and full supply-chain solutions

With an understanding of our customers’ processes, we produce added-value products and manage complex supply-chain issues. Not only do we provide aluminium semi-products of exceptional quality, we also furnish original equipment manufacturers with full solutions.

Automotive applications

Our solutions are used by OEM and suppliers around the world for a wide range of automotive applications (Credits: Daimler AG)

Benefiting from unique research and development capabilities, covering the whole automotive value chain, our process and engineering expertise is second to none. Drawing on extensive experience in the aluminium processing industry, we have established a reputation for high quality and cost-effective manufacturing skills for mass production.

Our strong position in many markets allows us to make the most of synergies between the various markets we serve. We reap the benefits of cutting-edge innovations and technologies developed in all fields to advance our work in the automotive market.

Our value offer

Our lightweight aluminium materials and solutions are used by original equipment manufacturers and suppliers around the world for a wide range of automotive applications.


Lightweighting is not a choice but a necessity: switching to aluminium requires relatively less adaptation for manufacturers than switching to non-metallic lightweight materials.

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