Body-in-white sheets

Automotive Body-in-White sheets

Constellium works closely with the world’s major OEMs to develop a comprehensive body sheet product range, underscoring our commitment to providing strong, formable and lightweight materials with impeccable surface quality for the automotive industry.

A full range of automotive sheets with different shapes, and coil solutions

We provide a wide range of Body-in-White aluminium sheets with different shapes, and coil solutions for automotive Body-in-White (interior and exterior parts and panels). Our high-strength alloys have exceptional surface quality. They also incorporate downgauging possibilities, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, formability properties, and full recycling compatibility.

Close collaboration with leading car manufacturers

Body-in-white sheet application

In recent years, we have heavily invested in upgrading our production unit at Neuf-Brisach (France) particularly in continuous annealing and surface treatment capabilities. This state-of-the art facility enables us to serve the Body-in-White market in Europe. Working closely with leading OEMs, our engineers have developed a full range of new products to meet key customer specifications. 

These include:

    Surfalex® family for demanding skin quality
    Formalex® family for excellent formability enabling increased part integration of stamped components
    Securalex® family providing high-tech crash alloys for enhanced energy absorption
    Strongalex® high-strength alloys family for structural parts

With these and other innovative products we satisfy existing customer needs while meeting the requirements of future generations of aluminium-intensive vehicles.

World-class R&D capabilities

Our Technology Center covers the entire automotive value chain. The center provides a deep knowledge of aluminium applications and experience acquired through collaborative projects in highly innovative sectors such as aerospace.

As part of our continuing commitment to our customers in their pursuit of lightweighting and its associated benefits, we have significantly invested in surface inspection and chemical conversion when upgrading production facilities. As a result, we are better able to satisfy the demands of our current customers and to anticipate future developments in the aluminium automotive body market. 


Collaboration with customers has led to high-performance solutions with results such as significant weight reductions in Body-in-White sheets for vehicle hoods.

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