Technical paint and foil stock

Technical paint and foil stock

Constellium is a leading supplier of technical paint stock and foil stock, used by major suppliers to the building and construction industry.

Setting the standard

Technical paint stock

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Used for a variety of applications including signs, covering systems and wall cladding, our paint stock products meet the highest standards for surface and mechanical properties.

They are an ideal choice for advertising and display - from pylons to booth and shop designs.

Versatile and durable, they fit numerous requirements for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Foil stock applications for technological efficiency

Our building industry customers use aluminium foil for insulation products (such as cable insulation) and a variety of industrial applications, from roofing insulation against cold and wind to soundproofing and lagging materials.


Aluminium foil is highly suitable for insulation products.

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Technical paint and foil stock

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Technical paint and foil stock

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