Solar energy

Aluminium in solar energy

Constellium is committed to supporting the building sector in developing renewable energy solutions that meet environmental challenges.

Serving an expanding market

We offer eco-friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable products for a variety of environmental applications. These include:

    Aluminium mirrors for solar reflection and concentration
    Aluminium substrates for selective absorber coating
    Aluminium profiles for frames and sub-frames

They are used in a number of end products:

    Collectors for domestic water and space heating
    Concentrating solar power (CSP) troughs industrial process for heating and solar air conditioning for low and middle temperatures CSP Fresnel as secondary mirrors
    Concentrating photovoltaic applications
    Photovoltaic and thermal panels for buildings

Aluminium sheets with advanced functional surfaces

Alcan Aluminium Substrate Surface 615: Building integrated flate plate Vitosol collector of Viessmann Faulquemont S.A.S

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As the world’s leading supplier of rolled aluminium sheets with advanced functional surfaces (such as bright finish and pretreated matte surfaces), we are the principal manufacturer of aluminium sheet solutions for demanding solar applications.

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Extruded profiles for solar thermal and photovoltaic panels

Solar panel

We offer a wide range of customized profiles that are used to build frames for solar thermal and photovoltaic panels - heating water or turning solar energy into electricity. The assembled panels can be fixed on the roofs of buildings - houses and offices - or integrated into building facades. We also supply high-dissipation heat sinks for power converters.

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Constellium is a reputed leader for the supply of aluminium frames for solar panels and aluminium sheets and frames for hot water collectors.

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