Defense success story

SEALIUM® success story

Used in everything from amphibious fighting vehicles to landing craft, Constellium’s aluminium solutions are winning customer acclaim the world over. Through our collaboration with defense industry designers and manufacturers, Constellium has helped achieve the following success.

French Navy aluminium landing craft

Constellium also helped develop a landing craft for the French navy using our high-strength, lightweight and corrosion-resistant SEALIUM® alloy. The patented 30-meter landing craft are able to carry 100 tons at 18 knots and have an innovative raising platform, enabling them to operate either as a fast catamaran or as a conventional craft in shallow water.

L-Cat landing craft

Close collaboration along the supply chain won French company, Construction Navales et Industrielles Méditerranée (CNIM), a €125 million order for four of its innovative landing catamaran (L-Cat), with options over four more from the Délégation Générale de l’Armement (French government agency for weaponry). The vessels are built at the Socarenam shipyard at Saint-Malo, northern France, using Constellium’s patented SEALIUM® alloy, supplied by Almet Marine.

Jean-Luc Ruaux, head of Almet Marine, says the use of SEALIUM® offers several advantages: “SEALIUM® enables the L-Cat to achieve its speed and weight targets. It has a high mechanical resistance relative to its weight, and with SEALIUM®, the entire vessel can be built from a single material. We have a long, close relationship with Constellium, and all partners benefit from working together.”

“A special three-way partnership was formed between CNIM, Almet Marine and Constellium in January 2009 for the project,” he explains. Under the agreement, sections and plates are delivered to Almet at our plant in France, where the use of computer numerical controlled (CNC) underwater plasma cutting machines enables Almet to deliver a “kit” of parts to the shipyard for assembly, which accelerates and simplifies the whole process.

Last update 29 April 2013