Military aircraft

Military aircraft

With advanced materials solutions and a commitment to finding collaborative materials solutions, Constellium is a perfect partner for the world’s military aircraft makers.

Lighter, stronger, faster, better military aircraft

Dassault rafale - © Dassault Aviation - V.Almansa

For today’s missions, military aircraft need to be lighter, stronger and faster than ever, while also capable of carrying heavier payloads. This necessitates using the best materials available for aircraft design and development.

Lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant, aluminium is the perfect material to overcome these challenges.

Drawing on decades of expertise in the field and our unique portfolio of proprietary alloys, Constellium works hand‑in‑hand with manufacturers to solve their materials challenges.

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Constellium customers include many of the world’s leading defense contractors and Tier One suppliers.

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Military aircraft

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Last update 19 December 2013